Mortfolio offers an innovative solution to PMO's Master Planning or Portfolio Planning nightmare...
Mortfolio is a unique solution with its revolutionary scheduling and simulation engine.

Use Mortfolio with on-premise or on-demand license models.
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Solution Overview

  • Smart Capacity Management: easy yet grannular
  • Define capacity in different categories (i.e Master Plan, Small Items, Bugfix Vacation, Training etc) Separate calendars for different regions.
  • Define capacity participation for different roles (i.e Analyst, Developer, Manager. Build resource pool hierarchy. Sync resource pools info with PPM softwares
  • Analyze capacity and create report for each hierarchical pool level for each category and for each role. Take baseline of capacity plan.

  • Demand Collection
  • Demand Priorisation
  • Effort Estimation
  • Collaborative, workshop based demand collection and prioritisation
  • Quickly analyze the feasibility of projects in the queue. Conduct accurate workshops with business departments. Examine each demand’s score, budget, effort estimations.
  • Handshake with business departments. Bidirectional integration with PPM tools. Define participants for each demand and let business provide their feedback.
  • Filter and report according to your criteria. Deep effort estimation for each pool and for each demand.

  • Skills, Roles, Resource Pool Management

  • Fine-tuning of scenarios in a single screen with many user-friendly approaches like drag and drop time-lines

  • Innovative and customasible scheduling engine for maximizing business benefits
  • Scenario simulations based on parameters
  • Optimization engine to schedule projects effort distribution analysis for projects
  • Find out over utilised pools with project indication
  • Find exact available timeline for each pools effort in projects
  • Analyze capacity and create report for each hierarchical pool level for each category and for each role. Take baseline of capacity plan.

  • Data import export functionalities for office documents (Excel etc…)
  • Out of box integration plugins with top PPM softwares.

Why Mortfolio

Capacity Planning

  • Run What-if scenarios easily.
  • Clear view of demand pipeline.
  • Clear view of resource capacity.
  • Effective demand prioritization and governance.

Project Management Office

  • Solution for chaotic and complex excel files.
  • Efficient project scheduling.
  • Clear and correct capacity information.

Resource Management

  • Accurate resource estimates.
  • Strategic prioritization of shared resources.
  • Real-time reports on resources.
  • Assignment of right skills and roles at right time for projects.

Project Portfolio Scheduling and Simulation

  • Innovative scheduling algorithm.
  • Simple but powerfull scenario simulation.
  • Perfect Management Dashboards.

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About Mortfolio

Mortfolio designed with an innovative and visionnary approach to Project Portfolio Planning and Resource Management. Mortfolio brings a top-down approach to Master Planning and it is simple yet powerful.

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